Herb Roasted Chicken Step by Step

So as I promised, here are the steps with images from last night’s dinner. Once I learned how easy it was to roast a whole chicken I’ve rarely ever purchased one that was made in the store. The best thing about this recipe is the versatility. You can flavor it with any spice or herb you’d like…although I tend to stay a little more on the traditional side.

The Ingredients are pretty simple:

1- 4 to 5 pound roaster chicken (rinsed and patted dry)

1 lemon

Roughly 1-2 oz of Olive Oil

2 Tbsp of Unsalted Butter (cut into pats or small pieces)

A variety of herbs for stuffing and sprinkling

Salt and Pepper

So this is pretty simple. Cut the lemon in half (you’ll want to drizzle some of the juice over the bird and then stuff it into the cavity. This give the bird a little more flavor plus it adds moisture to help the bird from drying out. And on the lemon, if it’s a little hard, just microwave it for about 10 seconds. It’ll release it’s juices a bit easier.

Now for the fun part, the chicken. So take the wings of the chicken and bend them underneath the bird with the breast up in the pan (a roasting pan just big enough for whatever size bird you have, mine was an oval). Why do this you ask? So the tips of the wings don’t burn! That..and it makes the bird look a little more relaxed through the process right??

Now it’s time to get your hands dirty. Since your bird is so relaxed, it’s time for a rub down! Drizzle the olive oil over the bird, then the butter. But the really important part is to reach up UNDER the skin and put some butter there..and then your herbs.

And finally salt and pepper the skin. Be pretty generous with the salt. Because who doesn’t like salty fried chicken skin?  Use any any leftover herbs in the cavity and you’r ready to cook!

Place the bird, uncovered, in a pre-heated oven set to 425 degrees. You’ll roast the bird for about an hour or so. I tend to go about an hour and a half..just to make sure it’s cooked through. If your bird starts getting a little too brown too early on, place some foil loosely over the bird. When you pull the chicken from the oven, you’ll want to place foil over it anyway.

Then LET THE CHICKEN REST. For at least 5 minutes. If you cut into the chicken when you pull it out of the oven, the juices will run out of it and it’s going to dry out. And since I’m not serving gravy with this dish, that’s spell a pizza run. Because nobody in my house would stand for a dry chicken.


And time for the unveiling-

You want to carve beginning with the breasts..right down the sides of the breast bone. Notice how clear the juices are? That’s definitely what you want…and the crunch skin!

And there you have it, a whole herb roasted chicken. Prep time will take you about 10 minutes or so, and the cook time will vary depending on the size, but no more than an hour and a half. This is a great Sunday meal too!

Let me just add that we served this with a red wine and some mushroom quinoa. Note to everyone..pre-packed quinoa is so wrong. I’ll be looking for a recipe for that next.  An extra glass of wine made it all better though.

Questions, comments, or feedback..I’d love to hear from you! What flavor combinations do you use for your roast chicken?

I was so excited to share this first recipe with you! I look forward to sharing and collaborating on many more dishes to come! Let me know if you attempt to roast your own chicken..would love to hear about it!

So y’all have a great weekend! You can find me in My Tennessee Kitchen!


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