What’s Up Next


So I’ve been traveling lately and really unable to do much blogging, social media or anything else for that matter. Nothing wears one out as much as travel. BUT, I am inspired by the food finds! Cool local products and conversations that I have along the way. So here’s the game plan for the next few posts-

  • Pumpkin Butter- Inspired by breakfast at the Knoxville Convention Center. What a great spread (no pun intended) they had for us during our recent FAM tour to Knoxville.
  • Something with the barbecue sauce prepared by 2 Rivers Church and picked up on an outing recently.  (Suggestions please!)
  • Bison Burgers- Recently we traveled to the High Country (that’d be Western North Carolina) and engaged in conversations about wild game and the “best burgers we’ve ever had”…so this one is a must.
  • And to give a hat tip to On the Rocks Bartenders.  I’ll be infusing vodka on their blog in the coming days too. Red Chili Pepper Vodka to be exact. So we’ll let you know when we guest at their site!

And so now that I’ve shared what I’ve been up to and will be up to, I don’t feel so lazy. I may tinker in the kitchen with more alcohol by the way. We’re looking at stocking a home bar (we have about anything you can imagine). But I’m considering more of a professional home bar if that makes sense. I’m looking for a really cool DIY design. Any suggestions?

As always, feel free to comment and send suggestions  on dishes you’d like to see via email to mytnkitchen@gmail.com or post on facebook. And thanks for stopping by My Tennessee Kitchen.



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