Getting Snippy With It

For Christmas Dinner I released my Inner Foodie. Throwing any reservations out the window, I attacked a menu that, 1. I’d never cooked, and 2. A few things I’d never tasted. I’ve already shared my Christmas Crescent Cinnamon Rolls, but I went BIG with my Holiday Feast!

I did a spin on Eric Ripert’s smoked salmon deviled eggs. I have no idea what his actually taste like, but if they were better than the eggs I made, then he is THE MAN. Because these eggs were soooo delicious!

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

Next up I made a rack of Ribeye Roast. I’ve never made prime rib before, but I think I’ll try that one again. The sides (including the eggs) were braised kale and a parsnip puree. Of course I also served a port wine reduction from the pan roast drippings and thickened the sauce using roasted veggies from the pan that I pureed. Speaking of puree, OMG. I have never actually made a parsnip puree, but I will most definitely do that again!

Ironically I charred a few of the pieces (happy accident) and it made the puree even more flavorful with a smoky hint that seriously elevated the dish. I told Travis (the Hubs) that if I were on The Taste, this could be a winning dish. The tart from the eggs, smoke from the parsnips, sweet from the port wine sauce, salty from the prime rib and a little bitter from the kale. It was really..REALLY good. I know, I shouldn’t be so proud, but damn it I rocked this one out.

Christmas 2014

And a side note here, serving the meal on my Christmas dishes made me so stinking happy. They were a gift from my Mother-in-Law and I adore them! I think I need some gold rimmed wine glasses and flatware to complete the set next year..but I digress.

My final dish for the evening needed to be sinful. And a doughnut bread pudding with chocolate glaze was just the ticket. Part of me was ashamed..the rest of me no so much. I will say I’ve found myself pouring over Juice Cleanse reviews. Ehh…maybe after the New Year?

Doughnut Bread Pudding with Chocolate Sauce

I’m trying to avoid this snippet from being so long, but honestly I was so excited to pull this menu off, I couldn’t wait! And better still, my amazing Husband bought me this!

Mastering the Art of French Cooking
I can honestly say I don’t think I’ll find a juice cleanse in this particular book! 😉

Alright folks, it’s Christmas I’m going to shut it down tonight. I still have one more load of dishes So with that I want to say again, Merry Christmas from My Tennessee Kitchen and I’ll post recipes soon!


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