Coming Up Next…

santa tiredAs the holidays wind down, I find myself pouring over ideas for 2016. As many of my readers may/may not know, I’m officially back at Positive Approach Group beginning January 1. (Well, maybe Jan 2nd).

As the company I founded continues to grow, with it comes some opportunities for me to search out ideas and inspiration for ventures I have so longed for. And of course, that must include food and drink right?

So I’ll be working on marketing endeavors for the companies (Positive Approach Events, VENUE at the King’s Centre, and On the Rocks Bartenders). But I’ll also be looking at a variety of opportunities that lay out before me.

I’m hoping to have a couple of those at least penned in the first month or so of the year. But like fine wine, these things take time. Or should I have said like a find glass of Brandy(i)?

At any rate, I appreciate the folks who stuck with me to watch this blog. AND of course, I’m always open to a food journey or two. So as I’m working on a life that’s more inspiring, please feel free to contact me about places I must see/eat at or have a bev or two.



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