Have a great Tennessee product?

As I begin to dive into the possibilities that lay out before me, I cannot hide the excitement!  I’m feeling  so much joy about the first few products we are sourcing. I just KNOW those who love this beautiful state of Tennessee, a Southern lifestyle, or just easy country living will really enjoy them!

As we continue to expand and look at the possibilities of partnering with suppliers and locating specialty products within our state, we have created a little information form for those who may be interested in submitting products for review. We’re looking to source products that will be representative of the passion we have of this country lifestyle, southern way of life and all around love of all things for the kitchen and home!

Become a Supplier_My TN Kitchen

We’re already building relationships with our suppliers and are developing several Tennessee based products from companies from our state. We felt like we needed to stream line the communication process however. And so in order to maximize our time and allow Tennessee suppliers an opportunity to find partners, we created the form for submission.

I keep saying I don’t know where this old Tennessee Road is going to take me, but thanks for being a passenger along for the ride.  As always, especially on a cold and blustery day, I wish you lots of love (and warmth) from My Tennessee Kitchen.



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