In a Pickle

So I’m not going to say officially what beer I purchased a couple of days ago…that could create a little trouble. But it wasn’t my favorite. You know when you KNOW you shouldn’t buy the unknown,  but are feeling adventurous? Besides it’s a mixed 12 pack, so what’s the harm?

I have about 8 beers (we sampled each kind and thought they were “meh”) to dispose of/use in some way. I’m cheap. Generally I prefer to use the term frugal,  but I’m not pouring 8 beers down the drain! They weren’t bad, but I definitely have a beer snob’s pallette at this point.


I started pondering about what I could do with them. And then it came to me. ..PICKLES! 

I LOVE  pickles.  And so does the rest of the family.  I think the flavors of the beer,  tho not something I want to guzzle, might be perfect for a pickle experiment! I’ve pickled before,  but not with Wit! Sorry for the bad jokes!

Tomorrow will be shopping day, then it’s time to brine!  Stay tuned for more antics from My Tennessee Kitchen!


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