So by now you’ve figured out I’m sporadic at best. But to my defense, we do own/operate four other businesses. NOT that My Tennessee Kitchen isn’t something I’m passionate about, because it is.

As a matter of fact, I’m doing some research right now for YOUR MUST HAVS

Now I don’t mean it has to be a “cooking ingredient” like the ones pictured. But I’m talking about the process as well. From start to finish I’m thinking of what items you MUST HAVE to even get started!

For example, I have two knives I cannot live without. One veggie, one chef. And literally, I will choose them every time for whenever I need to dice or slice. And my cast iron..again, it’s a must. Whether I’m braising in our enamel coated dutch oven, or caramelizing onions, I truly don’t think I could live without them!’s time for sound off! I I NEED your answers. What are the most used products in your kitchen? Do you have a salt bowl you keep beside the oven that is your favorite? How about a pitcher for the most delicious lemonade in the South? Better yet, do you have a rolling pin that you reach for whenever you get a hankerin’ for homemade biscuits?

Maybe it is an ingredient! A little flavoring to take that dish into overdrive! Whatever your faves..let us know!

Thanks for hanging in..and hanging out in My Tennessee Kitchen today!



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