An Outdoor Tennessee Kitchen

As you can tell by my posts, I’m a country girl. More specifically we call that a county girl, Carter County (proudly) and as a matter-of-fact. And there ‘ain’t’ nothin I like more than spending my summers on the lake and camping. Yes I added the ‘g’ so as to show I’m a refined county girl.

Over the last two weeks we’ve started the reno in my actual Tennessee Kitchen. New matching stainless steel appliances, I am truly an adult now..and I’m a little outta sorts about leaving them. Especially that whisper quiet dishwasher. The old one sounded like the spaceship taking off. But I digress…

Back to camping. We decided we need to unwind and recharge. We’ve done a lot of behind the scenes work on My Tennessee Kitchen and as it morphs, along with our other companies, we saw a break in our schedules. Knowing this might be the only one for a few weeks during our teen’s summer break..we’re making a break to the mountains!

I started thinking about food..and what we would do. I was raised with pork tenderloin cooked on a grill with fresh campfire biscuits, sliced tomatoes and of course a slice or two of cucumber on the side. My Grand Daddy always kept us fed when we camped. And now, I’m thinking I want my girls to have those same memories.

And so I made an investment, camp ovenI bought a camp oven! Not just any old cast iron, I purchased a genuine LODGE Camp Oven. And I am both excited and terrified at the same time.

Mastering the art of camp cooking is art. I can only imagine that understanding how to heat evenly will be my nemesis. Fingers crossed I don’t burn the biscuits.

Of course, this has me pouring over pinterest. Camp stove recipes, dutch oven recipes..and then I made a decision to KEEP IT SIMPLE and cook what I know. And so I have come to a decision on two meals.

First, I’ll be making cowboy beans. Why? Because my family loves them, they aren’t hard, and I know I can master that dish in my camp oven. Second, I’m going to make a roast, searing it on all sides, slow roasting it in the fire for a couple of hours and adding in some broth, mushrooms, onions and herbs. Thinking campfire baked potatoes will be the perfect accompaniment to the roast!

If any of you have tips or dishes you’d like to share..I’m all ears! I haven’t begun the grocery shopping, but honestly, I’m trying to keep it simple too. Let’s face it, it’s vacation and the last thing I want or need to be doing is cooking all day as well. SO easy does it this coming week.

Wish me luck on moving My Tennessee Kitchen outside for a week..and if you hear about a forest fire in/around Watauga Lake…promise it wasn’t me. Reminds me, pack a fire extinguisher.








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