Time, Green Plastic, and Pork.

Time. It’s a funny thing. Sometimes it’s so slow you feel like every waking moment is like eternity. Then others seem to flash before your eyes in mere seconds. All time is precious though, all of the time. That’s a hard reality for some and me. I’m an emotional person, I feel way too much sometimes. And this recent trip has made me think of my past a little.

I think being away for a couple of days and then getting right back into our same old ways as soon as we returned has struck a cord with me. Seems nowadays we struggle to find “time” with each other. Dinners, although nice most times, don’t seem to be scheduled occasions like they were “when I was young”.

Remember Sundays? Waking up knowing that on that day, Mom would be making a pot roast or if you were really lucky..cube steak and gravy! Or how when you stayed overnight at your grandparent’s house they would get up at 6 a.m. just to start breakfast. You knew they were up because you either heard TBS blaring on the TV or Gospel Hour on the radio.

And unlike most teens, I can’t recall a Saturday morning of even wanting to sleep in when I was at their house because I knew my Papaw was making Red Eye Gravy and biscuits. I miss those days. Walking into my Nanny’s kitchen and smelling a pot of green beans with a big chunk of pork and knowing how good they’d be. One, because I probably sat and broke those suckers in my lap; and two because she was a phenomenal cook.

I’m not sure about statistics, or even cultures around the world. But I do remember the love that surrounded our meals. I heard myself say today, “Bailey, make sure you get your Great Grandmother’s recipes for BBQ sauce, freezer jam, sugar free coconut pie and of course her fried pies. Because you should cherish those and learn to make them.”

Yeah..I know the importance of the traditions, even if I don’t reenact them. Maybe that’s why I blog. Because I feel the need to share the stories, even if I can’t share the recipes. When my Nanny passed, all I ever wanted was a green plastic container filled with recipe cards that she owned. SO many 60’s and 70’s kitchens must’ve had them.

The Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library

And so a few years ago, I sought one out on ebay and bought it. It may not be hers, but I can look at it and remember sitting at her table flipping through those cards. Deviled eggs, jello molds, ambrosia. Ok..I probably won’t make them all. But one day I’d like to make a few of them.

In a world where we’re all running here and there trying to log miles and check-in, do you ever just stop and consider what memories you’re making? Are you tackling a long list of items on a list of things to do, instead of a bucket list of items you live to do? Maybe I’m sulking because tomorrow I go back to work.

The goal this evening wasn’t really another blog post, I was looking up an easy rub for a pork roast. Of course, now that I’ve rambled on..I feel obligated to tell you that I don’t want to make the roast. I’m not even much of a pork roast person. But I bought it, so there’s that.

Back to Pinterest it is for me. You know, the modern day recipe box. Filled with recipes I’ll more than likely never attempt. Maybe, just maybe though..I’ll find one to file away in my recipe box.


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