The Best Thing

I have to admit, I’m having fun with the box subscription thus far. While it’s certainly going to take a lot of work, it’s also one of the most challenging and exciting projects I’ve been involved with in a very long time.

Am I sending out a tremendous amount of correspondence? Absolutely. Is it paying off? Absolutely! Here’s what I’m finding out; Tennessee may well be one of the most diverse and interesting places in the US. I mean, don’t get me wrong..I already knew how amazing my East Tennessee Mountain home was.

BUT, I am finding out more and more about companies from all over this great state. I’m hearing very similar start up stories (funny how us small businesses have in common) about investing in a passion. How cool is it that I can say my passion is dual..highlighting businesses in my home state AND sharing my love of all things kitchen and home?!?!

Untitled design (1)

We have made connections near and far. From bakeries down the street, to candy companies on the banks of the Mississippi River. The boundaries of creative ingenuity in our State is endless.

AND probably the best thing of all, is it’s all for you. Our readers, our followers, our subscribers. It’s a journey in a box that provides you with a window to the world of all things Tennessee. Whether it’s honey from Middle Tennessee, herbs from the Smoky Mountains or even shopping bags from Nashville. You’ll get to take a culinary and shopping expedition with each box.

We have carefully put together boxes and ideas that we know you are going to look forward to receiving. Introducing you to brands you may have never gotten the chance to know, and reintroducing you to the ones you love. And it’s our pleasure..and we can’t wait.

So please, share our blog, like and share our facebook page and follow us on twitter at @mytnkitchen. We’d love to hear from you! AND don’t forget, join our mailing list by shooting us a message to

Thank you all for stopping by My Tennessee Kitchen!


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