Mapping It All Out.


Every good relationship begins with a strong foundation. I keep reading online quotes about “I built a business from my living room.” But I have to confess, that’s just not who I am. I prefer to build a foundation, and a strong one at that in all of my business ventures.

As we researched a variety of purveyors I was led to travel to Nashville. Why? Because there’s a really cool vibe going on over there. Local love is oozing from every turn, and I was in my happy place while visiting!

We met business owners who had very different products, but one common theme. They all created something on their own. The inventiveness of our small and micro business owners never ceases to amaze me. It’s literally the thread that binds us all..the roads that create the map.

Needs for college money, desires to create more healthy, more sustainable, creative outlets that need to be exercised. While they all come to the starting line for their own reasons, their passion and determination is so overwhelming. Funny thing is, I’m the client..but almost giddy when I meet them and shake hands or say hello.

I feel like I’m finding out a secret. And maybe I am? Maybe I’m finding out more about why I started my own businesses, why we continue to seek out new endeavors, why I feel compelled to meet them and hear their stories. Even more, I feel determined to make sure you’ll know them too.

And so I bought this cool vintage inspired map of Tennessee that is now placed on my office wall. I plan on filling it with colored pins. Some will mark places I’ve gone, some will mark destinations I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting. But I will…I will.

Join me, as I introduce you to new areas of Tennessee. Tell you the stories of fellow Tennesseans, some born and raised..others who have relocated here by choice. AND if you feel so inclined, sign up for My Tennessee Kitchen’s box subscription. We’ll be launching this fall.

In the meantime, check out our social media channels..we’d love to connect! Thanks again for stopping by and spending a little time in My Tennessee Kitchen.

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