Green Acres is the Place to Be

Wishful thinking! As I started this blog many moons ago, I was inspired by a local couple who started a farm and CSA to support their restaurants. It’s a slice of heaven..and we love visiting with them…especially when they’re cooking!

Just a few weeks ago we had the pleasure of having dinner cooked over a campfire then a leisurely walk on a 20160721_204721path to the most amazing resting site. It was at a point on their property where a creek spilled into the Nolichucky River. When I say I was captivated, I wasn’t kidding. I want to believe I could live on a farm. Hey, at least I can visit them and you can join me eh?

During my next few weeks of travel, I’m going to get the opportunity to visit a few more farms. I look forward to sharing stories and images from those travels. Hopefully I’ll help to make a sincere connection not just for me, but also to the readers and of course box subscribers. Isn’t there a desire to find out more about the food and it’s origins? Inquiring minds want to know right?

Coming up, I’m excited to tell you all about the fella who decided to quit city life and built a earthen oven on a farm in  Middle Tennessee. And I cannot wait to hear about being a blacksmith and beekeeping from a family in Columbia, Tennessee. AND I just discovered that Columbia is the self-proclaimed mule capital of the world. Seriously, how did I not know about this??? I am loving getting to know more about this state!IMG_20160721_194635

And then I’ll always brag about my friends at River Creek Farm here in Limestone, Tennessee. And their food! Farm fresh, and everything you know is good for you..and with a taste so much better than you can imagine or even I can describe in writing. I making kimchi? Mind blown and belly full my friends.

Hey, it’s a whole new world out there folks. Or maybe it’s new to get old school? I know I’m already looking forward to buying a bushel of beans and breaking them with my Mom and kids. Bringing back the idea of knowing where the food is from, and how to prepare as a family unit is something I hope to give my children.

Looking forward to sharing a bit more in the upcoming weeks before the box launch in October. Have any sites in your town you think I should visit? Farm grown, locally owned, off-the-beaten path kinda places? I’d love to hear your suggestions! From Bristol to Memphis, I’ll be hitting them all eventually!

As always, thanks for stopping by My Tennessee Kitchen and I appreciate your shares, follows and likes on social media as well! Peace, love and delicious dishes my friends!



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