The Root of It All

It’s Saturday..and all I can think about is Thursday already. Next Thursday that is, as I’ll be on the road again. But this time I’ve chosen to challenge myself to a little self discovery.

I’ve said over and over that this is a journey and tourism in a box. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg, it’s become way more than that to me. It’s quickly transforming into a personal experience to me as well. As I pondered the next trip, I realized, that’s the root of it all. It’s not just me advertising a product, it’s about me experiencing it. It’s about why the folks I’ll be meeting have made the choices they did to become who they are.

Next week, I’ll be stopping by to see one of the purveyors I visited a couple of weeks back. Southern Jerky Co is located in Brentwood, TN and I love their products and also their retail shop. Even the artwork (created by the hands of one parents of the owners) tells you..they love Tennessee. And by the way, what’s a trip to Tennessee without jerky?


After meeting Jennifer Bisceglia, Owner of Southern Jerky Co., I walked away again making a correlation that all entrepreneurs make the same sort of decisions. It’s usually one of necessity. “Necessity… the mother of invention.” Plato. How true that is!

She told me about how her children, avid sports participants snacked on jerky all the time. And how one day, by chance, she started reading the packaging and thinking..”I can make this without all of these artificial ingredients”.  And so she did, and she perfected the recipes, and started bagging them for her kid’s games. And that’s when the magic happened, other people tried it, and wanted it the jerky too!

Months later, Southern Jerky Co. would open their retail shop and carry locally owned products. I loved shopping in their store! It was in a retail area that was extremely busy, even in the early afternoon hours of a Friday. It was an unexpected treat of products and stories during our visit that reaffirmed that I had to share their products on my blog.

From Jennifer’s personal story, to her pointing out products on the shelves. She shared stories about not being a regular breakfast eater, and after buying so many breakfast bars, she created their Mighty Good Bars (granola bars with bits of honey jerky). She had me at not eating breakfast on a regular. And the Mighty Good Bars are so yummy!

She told me about products like the honey she carries in the store (I’ll tell that story soon!) and how that person was literally her neighbor that is beekeeping to make some extra money for her child’s college education. See..another entrepreneur making it happen. I just love the stories behind the products.

I have a feeling that once I make connections, it’s going to become a tradition to stop by and say hello when I’m passing through. And lucky me..I’m out of jerky! Looks like I might need some snacks for the road..cause next week I’ll be out and about in this beautiful state of Tennessee.

Thanks for stopping by, and check back just never know what I’ll be cookin’ up in My Tennessee Kitchen!




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