Have Family, Will Travel

We’re packing up for another venture to Middle Tennessee! I am so excited about this trip because we’re actually taking our toddler along for the ride. While she won’t be at all of my meetings of course, she will be able to experience a farm on her visit. I can honestly say she has never even been on a farm before..EXCITING!

I blog a lot about family. I guess it’s the “kitchen is the heart of the home” thing. I can’t imagine a day in my kitchen without my family hovering around. While it’s not always the most relaxing, it’s our lives and we love it.

On occasion though, I do get the opportunity to crank up music and just knead dough or make pasta..it’s like my therapy. Tip, it’s a great way to ward off the winter blues for sure! I’m lucky enough to have a very musical family too. Especially my husband.

We share a love of music from vinyl records to his guitars. His drums…let’s just say I’m much more a fan of the guitar. But that’s more a matter of the level of music than the music itself. Music is one of the reasons I fell in love with him, and my home cooking might’ve been a deal sealer for him. It’s a match made in heaven.

So on these road trips when I have the opportunity to share the experience with my family, I’m going to take it! On our last trip to Nashville, we had to go by Gruhn Guitars. You know..the mecca of all that is holy in guitars? I have to admit, even I was in awe when we walked in, and I can’t even play!


Watching Travis walk through the store is what I imagine it looks like when I walk into a kitchen shop. Eyes wide, slightly giddy and yet trying to contain the excitement! He was however, very humbled and reverent at the same time. The respect he has for a musical instrument is rivaled only by my love of cast iron.

And so he “window shopped” and looked at almost every guitar in the shop. He did find a couple he wanted to play..so when in Rome right?!?!

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There happened to be a Gibson that he referred to again last week as, “the one I’m going to buy when I win the lottery.” Yeah..we can dream right?

Gruhn Guitars has been around since 1970. So imagine the vast knowledge of the folks who work there. We had wonderful conversations with their staff. One spoke to me about how awesome it was to be able to come into a place like that to work everyday and play any one of those amazing guitars. I can only imagine it’d be a guitar aficionado’s dream job.

Of course, there are definitely more than guitars in their shop! There were banjos, mandolins, amplifiers, basses and of course, ukuleles.  A few years back we began (by we I mean he) collecting a few of them. Intrigued with the variation of style and sound. And amazingly I found myself drawn to their ukulele collection. In particular I kept ogling a 1955 Gibson Tenor Uke. Not for myself, but I thought..”wouldn’t that make a great addition to the music room at home?” When he’s playing out on the back porch and I’m in the kitchen all is right in our world.

1955 Gibson TU1 Tenor Uke at Gruhn Guitars
Eye Candy at Gruhn Guitars

1955 Gibson TU1 Tenor uke, with a refinished back and evidently pretty rare to come by. I loved it! Here’s a link to the uke on their page- http://guitars.com/inventory/uk1384-1955-gibson-tu1-tenor-uke

It’s moments like those that I want to experience more often in my life. It’s what I always call happy accidents. Not really having any expectation, but walking away with a moment and a memory. Truly inspiring store even for those of us who are instrumentally challenged.

I’m excited to travel back to Middle Tennessee soon. It’s starting to become familiar to me. Of course, it is Tennessee, so it’s home right? We’ll be making some tours again in the next few weeks. I’m excited to find more gems!

From farms to candy stores, this next road trip is going to be a super fun one for the entire family! We’ll make sure to take plenty of pics..and of course, I’m bringing back more Tennessee made goodies for My Tennessee Kitchen!

Thanks for taking a break to indulge me today! And remember, if you have any historic places or landmarks you think I should visit while I’m looking for Tennessee products, let me know by leaving a comment! As always, love and best wishes for your Tennessee dishes! xoxoxo


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