Chicken and Tortellini Soup

Soup weather is upon us! I have to admit, I love fall. Things like the warmth of a heavy blanket the first cool night of the season, the smell of a pumpkin scented candle and of course the satisfying bowl of soup that not only warms your belly but heals the soul. Yeah, it’s that time of year.

A couple of years ago I found a recipe for lasagna soup, made a few changes and started sharing it with friends. To say that was a hit is an understatement. It was SO tasty! And talk about filling! Initially I served it with a salad and realized it didn’t need any sides it was so hearty.

I wanted to find another equally satisfying slow cooker soup with a few less steps of preparation. The lasagna soup is a bit labor intensive (and totally worth it). But this one is a lot less work but also so very good!  I found a recipe on and thought I’d put my own spin on it..

  • 1 – 16 oz. bag frozen cheese tortellini
  • 1 package of frozen spinach
  • 2 cans (10.5 oz) Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes with Garlic & Basil
  • 5 1/2 cups low sodium chicken broth
  • 1 package cream cheese cubed
  • 1 1/2 cups of diced rotisserie chicken
  • 1 tsp. cumin
  • 1 tsp. oregano
  • 1 tsp. garlic pepper
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
  1. Place all ingredients in the crock pot except the spinach, cream cheese and chicken.
  2. Add the frozen spinach and push down with a spoon to make sure the spinach is completely immersed.
  3. Scatter the cubed cream cheese around the mixture.
  4. Cook on HIGH for 2 1/2 to 3 hours stirring occasionally.
  5. Add chicken the last 30 mins of cooking (it’ll shred remarkably if you add it too early into the cooking process). You just want to make sure it’s warmed through.
  6. Serve warm.

Again, I really don’t think this particular recipe needs a side dish, but I did serve it with a french baguette for dipping of course! If you’re looking for a recipe to feed the masses, this one is surely spot on. Not only is it easy, it’s delicious and makes I’d guess somewhere between 6-8 servings easily.

I’m going to have to find a resource for soup mugs. I have a feeling we’ll be eating a lot of soup this season. One because when you work, the crock pot is your best friend and two because we are a soup loving family. I have to admit, I make a mean pea soup.

Here’s a picture of the finished soup-


And here’s a tip..everything looks fancy in white. Seriously, you want to dress up a soup? Serve it in a white bowl with either shredded Parmesan or even a drizzle of fabulous olive oil and you’ll certainly impress the crowd.

So there is is, first new recipe in a few weeks. I’ll be posting a few more as I work my way through products I’m researching now and picked up on my journeys. For now though, fall in love with soups! It’s a quick, easy and inexpensive way to feed the family from My Tennessee Kitchen!



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