I know what you’re wondering..where I’ve been right? Well, technology and timing are a fickle thing some days. Thankfully we’ve been busy in our office, we’re not complaining! It’s just a blessing and a curse when you have a new project you’re trying to get off the ground.

However long it’s taken, I am most thoroughly excited to announce that we have officially launched our online store for My Tennessee Kitchen!

Our first shipment of boxes will happen in late October. With a fall theme in mind, we just know you’ll ‘fall in love’ (I know horrible pun right?) with our Inaugural box! SO please browse, share..and keep reading our blog because we’re just getting geared up!

All sales will be finalized for this box about mid-October..so order now to get the fall goodies! Here is a link to the store site= https://my-tennessee-kitchen.cratejoy.com

Again, I appreciate the support for this venture and for you readers who are so plugged in to what we’re doing. As always, thanks for stopping by My Tennessee Kitchen!



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