DIY Christmas


A couple of years ago I asked for a response on Facebook to the question, “Do you like DIY Christmas gifts?” The response was an overwhelming YES! But then that takes me to, what kind? I mean, everyone loves an edible treat right? So it has my wheels turning.

This week my kiddos and I will be putting together a few DIY projects. We are a coffee loving house (shout out to Jobo Joe in Jonesborough) and most everyone I know is! So I think we’re going to make some pretty chocolate spoons.

Most online sources call for wooden spoons like we’ve pictured above, but I’m thinking of getting creative with that aspect. Along with flavors. I noticed on one blog they added nuts and thought, who want’s a walnut floating around in their coffee or hot chocolate?

Hot Chocolate spoons should have- chocolate chips, marshmallows or maybe a caramel drizzle. For coffee-chocolate chips, definitely caramel and maybe dark chocolate on the spoon with a sea salt topping. Lots of viable options..we’re going to tinker!

So let me ask you, do you like homemade gifts? If so..what is your favorite? We’ll have some fun next week with the blog as we spend the week before Christmas having fun and making memories in My Tennessee Kitchen!


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