Feedback and February

I was so excited to start getting feedback on the December shipment! One recipient told me that when she opened the box, it smelled absolutely wonderful! That’s in part to the whole bean coffee by Jobo Joe from Jonesborough, TN. It was the perfect size to ship!

I hear we did have a casualty with one box on the way to California. Fragile stickers can only do so much I assume along with some aggressive wrapping. But it was only a glass I put into the box (mason jar) and not an actual product, so they were more than happy to receive the December box!

On Instagram, we received a most wonderful I had to share! This particular box shipped to Pensacola, Florida to a TN gal who was more than happy to receive it!



I am truly moved every time I get feedback from subscribers and/or folks who have given me the opportunity to share my idea with them. It’s blessing me more than you all can even know!

And so, beginning next week, we’ll begin taking orders for our February shipment…it’s a box for two of course and will feature a few products from Middle Tennessee! I’m looking forward to sharing a few of my memories and stories from my last trip over.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say, Merry Christmas. It’s been a crazy year, and I’m still in awe of some of the things we’ve done with our companies. I’m looking forward to 2017 and to seeing what we cook up in My Tennessee Kitchen.

God Bless…..


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