The holidays are almost NYE. And although I’m out-of-sorts about taking down the soft white lights in our house, I’m kinda happy we made it through December and with work. It was a grueling one (blessings and curses).

Our Christmas tends to be several days long. We are most definitely a nuclear family. We schedule days for the children, parents, and fit our festivities somewhere in-between. This year was a lot less hectic as we were able to stay in on Christmas morning with the girls and unwrap gifts.

This was a banner year for gifts. Not because of the amount of money spent, it was what I’ve deemed our “most thoughtful gift giving Christmas” yet. From Bailey giving her Stepdad a map of the Shenandoah Valley (it was awesome btw) and then the Hubs did the best thing for me! He bought me an “experience”.

I must confess, I started following Tara Jensen months ago on Instagram. We had recently gone over to Marshall, NC and I was intrigued with what I see over there. First, the town is beautiful..I see the potential for a revolution of sorts there. I think it’s going to come in the way of food.

And so, through following @bakerhands on insta, I would talk about her work all the time. Travis had no idea what I was going on about..only that she baked. And then the January 2016 Bon Appetit magazine arrived..with Tara’s pie gracing the cover! I dove into the article, wishing I could build a wood fired oven in the back yard. Not quite sure the Jonesborough Fire Dept or City would quite like that. (Note to self, find homestead in the country soon).

If you haven’t seen what she’s up to, you are most definitely missing out. I’ve fallen all over her photos..just absolutely in love with the design of the loaves, the brown of the crusts of bread and the fluting on every handmade pie. Pie…I’ve personally never made one. when Hubby asked what I wanted to Christmas, I mentioned that Tara currently teaches classes that are everything from bread to PIE!

Having mentioned it a couple of times, IMAGINE my surprise on Christmas morning when I unwrapped gift after gift..all food related because HELLO? And then in an unassuming envelope with a Christmas card, Travis inserted a clipping from a receipt where he’d purchased a class with Tara for me. So let’s learning to bake, PIE, from TARA JENSEN ..did I mention it was pie?


Not going to lie, part of me is thinking if ever anyone could screw up a pie in front of someone so experienced in baking, it’d definitely be me. But fingers and toes crossed, that won’t happen.

I’m going to link her website for those of you who may be interested in attending a class as well. Lord knows I’m so enthralled with Marshall, NC I may just drive over and buy some of her bread this weekend for NYE/stay in night because it’s cold and nothing good ever happens after midnight (thank you Mamaw for that).

What about you? Did you get any good foodie gifts this year? I also received an awesome butcher block and wooden spoons along with Ina Garten’s new cookbook. I’m starting to think the family is investing in my cooking because they want to taste any wares I happen to make?!?!

And speaking of gifts, I’ll be showing off the February box shipment soon with some kitchen/home items from Nashville, TN. If you have a sweetheart you want to impress, or want to send love from TN, the My Tennessee Kitchen box is a great gift idea!


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