About Me

This is me..I am a Mother, Wife, Tennessee gal and lover of all things kitchen and home. From gadgets to gizmos, measuring spoons to salt bowls. I love everything about cooking. Recently we started a share at a local farm. And this has inspired me to get back in touch with what I love most, cooking. For me, it’s love.

Food is love, but it doesn’t all have to be “bad for us”..although, I like a splurge as well. I am Southern after all…so you will see some fried items from time to time. I’ll try my hand at new things as I’ve created a bucket list. I want to try and perfect my own pastas, fried chicken, and even homemade baking. I want to do it all! I love French cuisine, Italian, and Mexican. So you’ll also see a lot of my favorite dishes in the mix.

Finally, we are currently developing a line of kitchen and home products that will be curated from Tennessee! We’re so excited to be on this wild ride! So with that…come join me on my journey in My Tennessee Kitchen.


My TN Kitchen Facebook Profile

Brandi Woodall

Wife, Mother, Business Owner, Marketer, Food Lover, Tennessee Aficionado and lover of all things found in a country home!



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